Question Asked By Hon. Hesha Withanage


Hon. Heshan Withanage,— To ask the Prime Minister and Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs,—

(a) Will he inform this House—

(i) it is admitted that there is a issue when providing title deeds for plots of land for commercial purposes within rapidly developing Embilipitiya town in Ratnapura district; and

(ii) if so, the measures taken to provide title deeds properly? 

(b) Will he also inform this House—

(i) that he is aware businessmen do not construct buildings in their business premises since a Buddhist temple claims right for the lands of this city;

(ii) the actual right pertaining to these lands by the temple; and

(iii) whether measures will be taken to grant the ownership of the relevant business premises in this city to the businessmen who had possessed them for many years and facilities will be provided to the business community to engage in their business activities?

(c) If not, why?


: Prime Minister and Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs
: Hon. Hesha Withanage
: United National Party (UNP)

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