Question Asked By Hon. Ajith Mannapperuma


Hon. Ajith Mannapperuma,— To ask  the Minister of Power and Renewable    Energy,—

(a) Will he inform this House—

(i) whether he admits that the generation of electricity from solar power is the renewable energy source with the lowest production cost in the world as of now;

(ii) if so, the measures initiated by the government for generating electricity from solar power;

(iii) the amount of electricity added to the national grid by now through the programme called “Soorya Bala Sangramaya” launched by the government on 06.09.2016?

(b) If not, why?


: Power and Renewable Energy
: Hon. Ajith Mannapperuma
: United National Party (UNP)
Requested for 1 weeks time on 2017-08-23

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