Question Asked By Hon. Thushara Indunil Amarasena


Hon. Thushara Indunil Amarasena,—To ask the Minister of Lands and Parliamentary Reforms,—

(a) Will he admit that—

(i) the government has taken a policy decision to grant title deeds to the persons who have resided in state lands for a period of more than 10 years; and

(ii) the aforesaid fact was reconfirmed by the policy document of the government on Mid-Term Economic Vision, which was declared by the Prime-Minister on 27.10.2016?

(b) Will he inform this House—

(i) the steps taken to put the aforesaid policy into action;

(ii) the number of allotments of land for which title deeds were granted after 08.01.2015;

(iii) the number of allotments of land that has been identified by now each Divisional Secretariat Division in each District to grant title deeds, separately;

(iv) the number of allotments of land in each Divisional Secretariat Division in each District, for which plans have been prepared by the government, out of the allotments of land mentioned in (iii) above, separately;

(v) whether he admits the fact that there is a huge delay in the implementation of the aforesaid project which is highly important to the national economy; and

(vi) if so, the steps that will be taken to make the aforesaid programme of work successful?

(c) If not, why ?


: Lands and Parliamentary Reforms
: Hon. Thushara Indunil Amarasena
: United National Party (UNP)

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