Standing Order 47

  1. When a Private Member's Bill is received in Parliament under Standing Order 47, the Bill is printed as a gazette supplement in all three languages in terms of Standing Order 47(3).
  2. After lapse of fourteen days from the gazette publication, the Bill is placed in the Order Paper for First Reading in terms of Standing Order 47(4).
  3. After the First Reading, the Bill is allocated a number and printed, and then forwarded to the relevant Minister for a report in terms of Standing Order 47(5).
  4. After the Minister's Report is received in Parliament together with the observation of the Attorney-General in terms of Article 77 of the Constitution and the Cabinet approval, the Bill is printed in the form of a Report and tabled in Parliament.
  5. If the Report of the Minister is not received within six months, the Bill is placed in the Order Paper for Second Reading upon such day as the Minister in charge of it desires in terms of Standing Order 47(6).

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Last Updated on 28-04-2016

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